Kushikura's particularities

Kushikura main restaurant is a Kyo-machiya (Kyoto traditional houses) that was built more than 100 years ago.
It used to be a draper's shop, therefore, its appearance creates a unique atmosphere and also provides the feeling of strength, beauty and moreover, nostalgia and familiarity.

Inside of such restaurant, we welcome guests with Kyoto-style seasonal dishes.

You can enjoy seasonal kyoto vegetables only at [the fresh Kyoto vegetable restaurant] . . For example, the "Obanzai", which extracts delicious taste from the natural flavor, and our main dish, charcoal grilled foods.

We enhance the flavor with rich tasting sauce, matured in a secret way, and grilled with Bincyotan (high-grade charcoal).
To preserve the original good taste, we grill them softly and deliciously at a high temperature.

To extract the original and high quality taste of chicken, we use grill with charcoal, which is a flavorful and very simple way of cooking.
We use an excellent, safe-chicken brand that is known for its freshness and delicious taste.

As for grilled vegetables, we focus on providing the delicious seasonal flavors, mainly from fresh Kyoto-grown vegetables.

Please enjoy the original taste of fresh foods and we hope your heart will be satisfied with our Kyoto-style essence of exquisite seasonal dishes.

炭火串焼き 串くら本店